This Internet Services Agreement (this ‘Agreement’) is between Meowhoster, a hosting service provider “Brand” operated by Meowhoster Hosting, and the person (individual or legal person) who agrees to Meowhoster’s service order and set up form (the ‘Order’) incorporating this Agreement by reference (‘Customer’). This Agreement governs Customer’s use of Meowhoster’s Internet services.

1.1 Service

Subject to the terms of this Agreement, and contingent on Customer’s satisfaction of Meowhoster’s credit approval requirements, Meowhoster agrees to provide the Internet services described in the Order for the fees stated in the Order.

1.2 Term

The initial service term of the Agreement shall begin on the date that Meowhoster generates an e-mail message to the Customer announcing the activation of the Customer’s account (the ‘Service Commencement Date’) and shall continue for the number of full calendar months stated in the Order (the ‘Initial Term’). Upon expiration of the Initial Term. Delivery of the subscribed services typically within a day for the hosting packages. This Agreement shall perpetually renew for additional terms, containing the same number of full calendar months as the Initial Term (a ‘Renewal Term’) unless Meowhoster or Customer provides the other with cancellation notice of non-renewal prior to the expiration of the Initial Term or then-current Renewal Term, as applicable. The Initial Term and any Renewal Term may be referred to collectively in this Agreement as the ‘Term.’

1.3 Payments

  • Fees are payable in advance on the first day of each billing cycle. The Customer’s billing cycle shall be a calendar month, three calendar months, six calendar months, twelve calendar months, twenty four calendar months or thirty six calendar months as indicated on the Order. The first service fee shall include the fee for the first full billing cycle, and, depending on service(s) ordered, a setup fee. Meowhoster may require payment in full of the first fee before beginning service. If the Order provides for credit card or PayPal billing, Customer authorizes Meowhoster to bill subsequent fees to the credit card or PayPal account on or after the first day of each billing cycle during the Term of this Agreement; otherwise Meowhoster will invoice the Customer via electronic mail to the Primary Customer Contact listed on the Order. Invoiced fees may be issued on or before the 1st day of each billing cycle up to thirty (30) days in advance, and the fees shall be due on the 10th day following invoice date, but in no event earlier than the first day of each billing Payments must be made in either Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) or United States Dollars (USD), by online banking, cheque deposit, PayPal, or credit card. Payment of any invoice by credit card or PayPal authorizes Meowhoster to retain said credit card or PayPal information on the Customer’s account for automatic payment of any due services, until Customer requests such credit card or PayPal information be removed, at which point Customer will be expected to pay by online banking or cheque deposit. Customer is responsible for providing Meowhoster with changes to billing information (such as credit card expiration, change in email address, etc.) Meowhoster may charge interest on overdue amounts at the lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum non-usurious rate under applicable law. Meowhoster may suspend the service without notice if payment for the service is overdue. Fees not disputed within thirty (30) days of due date are conclusively deemed accurate. Customer agrees to pay Meowhoster’s reasonable reinstatement fee following a suspension of service for non-payment, and to pay Meowhoster’s reasonable costs of collection of overdue amounts, including collection agency fees, attorney fees and court costs.
  • Fee Meowhoster may increase its fees for services effective on the first day of a Renewal Term by giving notice to the Customer via electronic mail to the Primary Customer Contact of the new fees at least thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the Renewal Term, and if the Customer does not give a notice of non-renewal as provided in Section 2 above, the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the new fee for that Renewal Term and any subsequent Renewal Terms (unless the fees are increased in the same manner for a subsequent Renewal Term).
  • Taxes. At Meowhoster’s request the Customer shall remit to Meowhoster all sales, service or similar tax imposed on the provision of the services (but not in the nature of an income tax on Meowhoster), regardless of whether Meowhoster fails to collect the tax at the time the related services are provided. Customer will pay and indemnify and hold Meowhoster harmless from any and all taxes associated with or arising from Customer’s use of the Services, including any penalties and interest and any costs associated with the collection or with holding thereof.
  • Early Termination. The Customer acknowledges that the amount of the fee for the service is based on Customer’s agreement to pay the fee for the entire Initial Term, or Renewal Term, as applicable. In the event Meowhoster terminates the Agreement for the Customer’s breach of the Agreement in accordance with Section 9 (Termination), or the Customer terminates the service other than in accordance with Section 9 (Termination) for Meowhoster’s breach, the unpaid fees for each billing cycle remaining in the Initial Term or then-current Renewal Term, as applicable, are due on the business day following termination of the Agreement.

1.4 Special Requirements

  • Cloud Shared hosting customers must use our DNS For any service involving a hosted domain name, Meowhoster requires customer to use our DNS servers in order for Meowhoster to ensure that all DNS records will be maintained properly by our control panel system. The use of external DNS services to manage DNS records for domains we host is not permitted.
  • Cloud Shared hosting customers must not use external The Customer may not use our web hosting services for domain email while having the website (@ and www DNS records) pointed to an external provider or vice versa.

1.5 Law/AUP

The Customer agrees to use the service in compliance with applicable law and Meowhoster’s Acceptable Use Policy posted at the ‘AUP’ , which is hereby incorporated by reference in this Agreement. The Customer agrees that Meowhoster may, in its reasonable commercial judgment consistent with industry standards, amend the AUP from time to time to further detail or describe reasonable restrictions and conditions on Customer’s use of the Services. Amendments to the AUP are effective on the earlier of Meowhoster’s notice to the Customer that an amendment has been made, or the first day of any Renewal Term that begins subsequent to the amendment. The Customer agrees to cooperate with Meowhoster’s reasonable investigation of any suspected violation of the AUP. In the event of a dispute between Meowhoster and the Customer regarding the interpretation of the AUP, Meowhoster’s commercially reasonable interpretation of the AUP shall govern.

1.6 Customer Information

The Customer represents and warrants to Meowhoster that the information they, he, she or it has provided and will provide to Meowhoster for purposes of establishing and maintaining the service is accurate. If the Customer is an individual, the Customer represents and warrants to Meowhoster that they, he or she is at least 18 years of age. Meowhoster may rely on the instructions of the person listed as the Primary Customer Contact on the Order with regard to the Customer’s account until the Customer has provided a written notice changing the Primary Customer Contact.

1.7 Indemnification

The Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Meowhoster, Meowhoster’s reseller partners and affiliates, and each of their respective officers, directors and employees from and against any and all claims, demands, liabilities, obligations, losses, damages, penalties, fines, punitive damages, amounts in interest, expenses and disbursements of any kind and nature whatsoever (including reasonable attorneys fees) brought by a third party under any theory of legal liability arising out of or related to the actual or alleged use of the Customer’s services in violation of applicable law or the AUP by the Customer or any person using the Customer’s login information, regardless of whether such person has been authorized to use the services by the Customer.

1.8 Disclaimer of Warranties


1.9 Limitation of Damages



1.10 Suspension/Termination

  • Suspension of The Customer agrees that Meowhoster may suspend services to the Customer without notice and without liability if: (i) Meowhoster reasonably believes that the services are being used in violation of the AUP; (ii) the Customer fails to cooperate with any reasonable investigation of any suspected violation of the AUP; (iii) Meowhoster reasonably believes that the suspension of service is necessary to protect its network or its other customers, or (iv) as requested by a law enforcement or regulatory agency. The Customer shall pay Meowhoster’s reasonable reinstatement fee if service is re-instituted following a suspension of service under this subsection.
  • The Agreement may be terminated by the Customer prior to the expiration of the Initial Term or any Renewal Term without further notice and without liability if Meowhoster fails in a material way to provide the service in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and does not cure the failure within ten (10) days of the Customer’s written notice describing the failure in reasonable detail. After the ten (10) days Meowhoster will not be responsible for any data in whole, or part. The Agreement may be terminated by Meowhoster prior to the expiration of the Initial Term or any Renewal Term without further notice and without liability as follows: (i) upon ten (10) days notice if the Customer is overdue on the payment of any amount due under the Agreement; (ii) the Customer materially violates any other provision of the Agreement, including the AUP, and fails to cure the violation within one (1) day of a written notice from Meowhoster describing the violation in reasonable detail; (iii) upon one (1) day notice if the Customer’s Service is used in violation of a material term of the AUP more than once, or (iv) upon one (1) day notice if the Customer violates Section 5 (Customer Information) of this Agreement. Either party may terminate this agreement upon ten (10) days advance notice if the other party admits insolvency, makes an assignment for the benefit of its creditors, files for bankruptcy or similar protection, is unable to pay debts as they become due, has a trustee or receiver appointed over all or a substantial portion of its assets, or enters into an agreement for the extension or readjustment of all or substantially all of its obligations. Should the service be terminated, and the Customer wishes to re-store the subscription, there’ll be a minimum rate of RM100.00 imposed to the Customer, exclusive of tax that may apply.

1.11 Requests for Customer Information

The Customer agrees that Meowhoster may, without notice to the Customer, (i) report to the appropriate authorities any conduct by the Customer or any of the Customer’s customer(s) or end user(s) that Meowhoster believes violates applicable law, and (ii) provide any information that it has about the Customer or any of its customer(s) or end user(s) in response to a formal or informal request from a law enforcement or regulatory agency or in response to a formal request in a civil action that on its face meets the requirements for such a request.

1.12 Back Up Copy

Customer agrees to maintain a current copy of all content hosted by Meowhoster notwithstanding any agreement by Meowhoster to provide back up services. Meowhoster will not be responsible for any loss of data in whole, or part.

Backup service is available as an add-on for certain services offered. The backup copy is retained based on slot and size subscribed to by the Customer, and restoration is only possible within Meowhoster’s hosted environment.

1.13 Changes to Meowhoster’s Network

Upgrades and other changes in Meowhoster’s network, including, but not limited to changes in its software, hardware, and service providers, may affect the display or operation of the Customer’s hosted content and/or applications. Meowhoster reserves the right to change its network in its commercially reasonable discretion, and Meowhoster shall not be liable for any resulting harm to the Customer.

1.14 Notices

Notices to Meowhoster under the Agreement shall be given via electronic mail by use of the Contact Us page. Notices to the Customer shall be given via electronic mail to the individual listed as the Primary Customer Contact on the Order. Notices are deemed received on the day transmitted, or if that day is not a business day, on the first business day following the day delivered. The Customer may change their, his, her or its notice address by a notice given in accordance with this Section.

1.15 Force Majeure

Meowhoster shall not be in default of any obligation under the Agreement if the failure to perform the obligation is due to any event beyond Meowhoster’s control, including, without limitation, significant failure of a portion of the power grid, significant failure of the Internet, natural disaster, war, riot, insurrection, epidemic, strikes or other organized labour action, terrorist activity, or other events of a magnitude or type for which precautions are not generally taken in the industry.

1.16 Governing Law/Disputes


1.17 Miscellaneous

Each party acknowledges and agrees that the other party retains exclusive ownership and rights in its trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, inventions, copyrights, and other intellectual property. The parties intend for their relationship to be that of independent contractors and not a partnership, joint venture, or employer/employee. Neither party will represent itself to be agent of the other. Each party acknowledges that it has no power or authority to bind the other on any agreement and that it will not represent to any person that it has such power or authority. This Agreement may be amended only by a formal written agreement signed by both parties. The terms on the Customer’s purchase order or other business forms are not binding on Meowhoster unless they are expressly incorporated into a formal written agreement signed by both parties. A party’s failure or delay in enforcing any provision of the Agreement will not be deemed a waiver of that party’s rights with respect to that provision or any other provision of the Agreement. A party’s waiver of any of its right under the Agreement is not a waiver of any of its other rights with respect to a prior, contemporaneous or future occurrence, whether similar in nature or not. The captions in the Agreement are not part of the Agreement, but are for the convenience of the parties. The following provisions will survive expiration or termination of the Agreement: Fees, indemnity obligations, provisions limiting liability and disclaiming warranties, provisions regarding ownership of intellectual property, these miscellaneous provisions, and other provisions that by their nature are intended to survive termination of the Agreement. There are no third party beneficiaries to the Agreement. Neither insurers nor the customers of reseller partners are third party beneficiaries to the Agreement. Customer may not transfer the Agreement without Meowhoster’s prior written consent. Meowhoster’s approval for assignment is contingent on the assignee meeting Meowhoster’s credit approval criteria. Meowhoster may assign the Agreement in whole or in part.

This Agreement together with the Order and AUP constitutes the complete and exclusive agreement between the parties regarding its subject matter and supersedes and replace any prior understanding or communication, written or oral.

1.18 Reseller Program

A subscriber who joins the Reseller Program (a “Reseller”), including shared Hosting customers who use their accounts to offer Reseller services, is subject to the following terms and conditions in addition to those listed in this Agreement:

  • shall make sure that any Subscriber the Reseller signs up abides by the terms and circumstances of this Agreement.
  • This Agreement cannot be altered by the Reseller in any way. Any such changes will be regarded as a breach of this Agreement and may lead to the cancellation of the Reseller’s accounts. Any changes made to this Agreement by the Reseller are not the responsibility of Meowhoster.
  • If a Reseller-signed Subscriber is found to be in breach of this Agreement, the Reseller shall act promptly upon being notified of the breach to ensure that the account in question is corrected to be in complete compliance with this Agreement. In addition, if Reseller fails to do so, Meowhoster, in its sole judgement, maintains the right to act directly.
  • The actions or inactions of Resellers are not the responsibility of Meowhoster. The Reseller hereby promises to defend Meowhoster from any claims brought by Subscribers or other parties due to the Reseller’s actions or inactions.


2.1 Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable use policy document, including the following list of Prohibited Activities, is an integral part of your Internet Services Agreement with Meowhoster. If you engage in any of the activities prohibited by this AUP document Meowhoster may suspend or terminate your account without notice.

Furthermore, the Customer shall be liable for any damages caused by the Customer’s activity in breach of this policy, and shall be disqualified for any refund under Meowhoster’s money-back guarantee of any kind.

Meowhoster’s Acceptable Use Policy (the “Policy”) for Meowhoster Services is designed to help protect Meowhoster, Meowhoster’s customers and the Internet community in general from irresponsible or, in some cases, illegal activities. The Policy is a non-exclusive list of the actions prohibited by Meowhoster. Meowhoster reserves the right to modify the Policy at any time, effective upon posting at https://meowhoster.com/aup.php

Prohibited Uses of Meowhoster Systems and Services
  • Allowing your services, through neglect or failure to keep script code up to date, to be defaced, exploited or otherwise abused by third parties.
  • Abuse or overuse of server resources, whether intentional or unintentional. Any website which uses an unreasonable amount of CPU, memory or concurrent processes for shared hosting may be subject to limitations, suspension or termination. Meowhoster hosting plans are further PROHIBITED FROM BEING USED AS FILE STORAGE, FILE SHARING, EMAIL ARCHIVING OR ANY OTHER USAGE INVOLVING EXTENSIVE USE OF DISK STORAGE AND BANDWIDTH. If such capability is desirable, consider using one of our VPS or Dedicated Server services.
  • Transmission, distribution or storage of any material in violation of any applicable law or regulation is prohibited. This includes, without limitation, material protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property right used without proper authorization, and material that is obscene, vulgar, pornographic or of an adult-only, sexually provocative or suggestive nature, defamatory, constitutes an illegal threat, or violates any local laws that govern internet usage in Malaysia or any other countries of operation.
  • Sending Unsolicited Bulk Email (“UBE”, “spam”). The sending of any form of Unsolicited Bulk Email through Meowhoster’s servers is strictly prohibited. Likewise, the sending of UBE from another service provider advertising a web site, email address or utilizing any resource hosted on Meowhoster’s servers, is prohibited. Meowhoster accounts or services may not be used to solicit customers from, or collect replies to, messages sent from another Internet Service Provider where those messages violate this Policy or that of the other provider.
  • Running Unconfirmed Mailing Lists. Subscribing email addresses to any mailing list without the express and verifiable permission of the email address owner is prohibited. All mailing lists run by Meowhoster customers or their clients must be Closed-loop (“Confirmed Opt-in”). The subscription confirmation message received from each address owner must be kept on file for the duration of the existence of the mailing list. Purchasing lists of email addresses from third parties for mailing to from any Meowhoster-hosted domain, or referencing any Meowhoster account, is prohibited.
  • Not including an easy, highly visible one-click unsubscribe link on any mass mailing sent. All mass mailing, regardless of volume, must allow any recipient to opt-out in a completely automated fashion, such that the recipient receives no further emails. If this cannot be implemented with a mailing list management script of some kind, consider using third party email marketing services.
  • Advertising, transmitting, or otherwise making available any software, program, product, or service that is designed to violate this AUP or the AUP of any other Internet Service Provider, which includes, but is not limited to, the facilitation of the means to send Unsolicited Bulk Email, initiation of pinging, flooding, mail-bombing, and denial of service attacks.
  • Operating an account on behalf of, or in connection with, or reselling any service to, persons or firms listed in the Spamhaus Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO) database at www.spamhaus.org.
  • Unauthorized attempts by a user to gain access to any account or computer resource not belonging to that user (e.g., “cracking”).
  • Using a single shared hosting plan to run a reseller business. Meowhoster’s hosting plans are to be used only for single entities. For hosting reselling we provide a reseller program.
  • Obtaining or attempting to obtain service by any means or device with intent to avoid payment.
  • Unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, or any attempt thereof, of any information of any Meowhoster customers or end-users by any means or device.
  • Knowingly engaging in any activities designed to harass, or that will cause a denial-of-service (e.g., synchronized number sequence attacks) to any other user whether on the Meowhoster network or on another provider’s network.
  • Using Meowhoster’s Services to interfere with the use of the Meowhoster network by other customers or authorized users.
Customer Responsibility for Data & Customer’s Users

Each Meowhoster customer is responsible for the activities of its users and, by accepting service from Meowhoster, is agreeing to ensure that its customers/representatives or end-users abide by this Policy. The Customer should maintain their own data (e.g. e-mail, content management system, and database) which is hosted on Meowhoster’s infrastructure according to the law of the land. Complaints about customers/representatives or end-users of a Meowhoster customer will be forwarded to the Meowhoster customer’s postmaster for action. If violations of the Meowhoster Acceptable Use Policy occurs, Meowhoster reserves the right to terminate services with or take action to stop the offending customer from violating Meowhoster’s AUP as Meowhoster deems appropriate, without notice.

Supported Application Troubleshooting

Meowhoster will only agree to perform technical assistance/troubleshooting on selected applications which is related to its service(s). Complain/report which are not related or not within Meowhoster jurisdiction won’t be entertained, and if there’s any, will be considered as a goodwill gesture of the on-duty representative. In accordance with Meowhoster’s standard operating procedures for providing support, only a direct connection to Meowhoster’s infrastructure is readily available. Other 3rd party relay applications (e.g. proxy, relay server, firewall and related tech) to any of Meowhoster’s provided service remain purely the responsibility of the respected service owner and support for them is not guaranteed.

2.2 Anti-SPAM Policy

Meowhoster Solutions maintains a zero tolerance policy for use of its network or services in any manner associated with the transmission, distribution or delivery of any bulk e-mail, including unsolicited bulk or unsolicited commercial e-mail, or the sending, assisting, or commissioning the transmission of commercial e-mail that does not comply with the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (“SPAM”).

You are responsible in ensuring that any email sent on your behalf or in your name complies with this policy. Unless we are given credible evidence to the contrary, we presume SPAM complaints are legitimate. Please acquaint yourself with the CAN-SPAM Act by clicking on this link: http://business.ftc.gov/documents/bus61-can-spam-act-compliance-guide-business to prevent action under our AUP.

You are not permitted to send SPAM using any of our services or network. Email transmitted to or over our network or services, or induced to be sent there, may also not:

  • Use or include falsified or invalid headers.
  • Use or include domain names that are invalid or fictitious
  • Use any method to falsely represent, obfuscate, or conceal any information when determining the source or the transmission path.
  • Use further deceptive addressing techniques
  • Without the consent of the third party, use a third party’s Internet domain name or equipment, or be relayed from or through it.
  • Include inaccurate or misleading information in the subject line or any other part of the message.
  • Disregard the following additional technical norms.
  • Disobey the User Agreement, AUP, and other Terms of Service of Meowhoster in any other way.
  • Harvesting, mining, or gathering of email addresses or other information from or through Meowhoster’s network is not permitted. The use of Meowhoster’s network or services by others to gather, compile, or obtain any information about its subscribers or users is not permitted or authorised. This includes, but is not limited to the use of subscriber e-mail addresses, which are private and confidential information owned exclusively by Meowhoster. Use of our network or services is also subject to our User Agreement, AUP and other Terms of Service.
  • Meowhoster forbids any attempt to use its network or services in a way that would impede other party’s use and enjoyment of any Meowhoster’s product or service, or that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair any aspect of our services.
  • All traffic to and from our servers is scanned for SPAM. Meowhoster will look into any customers who may be utilising their services and products to send spam. Unless we are given credible evidence to the contrary, we presume SPAM complaints are legitimate. Any offending website or account that is distributing spam will be immediately suspended, terminated, and/or cancelled according to Meowhoster’s policy.
  • Subscribers may be asked to provide documentation proving that a recipient’s explicit, affirmative consent was obtained before a mailing was issued. Meowhoster might view a mailing as dubious if there isn’t such evidence of explicit consent.
  • Subscribers are not allowed to keep open mail relays running on their systems. Ignorance of the existence or operation of an open mail relay is not and will not be regarded as a valid defence for doing so.
  • It is forbidden for subscribers to offer services for websites that have been incorporated into SPAM, such as hosting websites or offering DNS or website redirection services.
  • It is a violation of this Policy to commission a third party to send e-mail that is in violation of this policy or of applicable law, even if that third-party does not use Meowhoster systems, networks or resources. Email that violates this policy and contains any mention of a website we host or any mention of, or link to, a network or system of Meowhoster is not allowed, regardless of where it came from.
  • Meowhoster may, without prior notice, take any action it deems appropriate, including banning messages from a certain internet domain, mail server, or IP address, if it believes that unauthorised or improper use is being made of our network, or of any product or service. Any account on any product or service that Meowhoster deems, in its sole discretion, is transmitting or is somehow connected with any email that violates this policy may be promptly suspended, terminated, and/or cancelled.

2.3 Refund Policy

A 30-Day Money-Back Gurantee.

You may receive a full refund of all hosting fees paid (the “Money-back Guarantee Refund”) if you cancel within the first thirty (30) days of the Initial Term (the “Money-back Guarantee Period”) Please get in touch with our customer service team to seek a Money-back Guarantee Refund. The Money-back Guarantee Refund will only become payable to you if you have complied with the terms and conditions of this section. Money-back Guarantee Only hosting services and a few specified add-on goods or services are eligible for refunds.

2.4 Domain Name Dispute Policy

  1. Any domain conflicts are not Meowhoster’s responsibility to resolve. In contrast to the material housed on the linked website, if you have a complaint about the ownership or wording of the domain name itself, you must address it directly with the domain name owner or file it in a UDRP or legal case. We are unable to resolve domain name disputes as a result of corporate policy and ICANN rules; we can only provide support in cases involving website content complaints (as opposed to the wording of the domain name registered).
  1. A method for addressing domain disputes relating to abusive domain registrations is provided with ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the “UDRP”) (for example, cybersquatting or trademark infringement). For additional information, please visit http://www.icann.org/en/help/dndr/udrp.

2.5 Professional Services Agreements


  • Term. The initial term of the Services that you purchase will be for the duration specified in the order confirmation email that you receive (the “Initial Term”). The Services will continue to be automatically renewed on a monthly basis (each a “Renewal Period”) unless you cancel before the end of the Initial Term. As stated in your confirmation email (the “Minimum Term”), some Services may demand a minimum term commitment. The Initial Term, any Applicable Minimum Term, and any Renewal Periods are all included in the “Term” of this Agreement.
  • Auto-Renewal. The Services automatically renew to prevent any unintentional service interruption. Unless you cancel or terminate the Services prior to such charge, you acknowledge, agree, and authorise us to automatically bill the appropriate Fees (as defined in Section 3) and charge your credit card or other payment method on file up to fourteen (14) days before the end of each Renewal Period. If the Services you purchase have a Minimum Term, this Agreement will automatically renew for additional Renewal Periods after the Minimum Term has ended.
  • Termination. You may cancel or terminate the Services you acquired any time during the Term by giving Company notice, subject to Section 3(b) (if applicable). The cancellation request is subject to the Company’s ownership ownership verification. All Fees and costs incurred before the effectiveness of any cancellation must be paid by you. If Customer is unable to pay any Fees payable upon; (ii) fails to cooperate with Company or impairs Company’s capacity to deliver the Services; or (iii) violates the terms of this Agreement, Company may immediately terminate this Agreement. Additionally, this Agreement will end if the Customer’s underlying hosting account is terminated.

Work Scope. Company commits to offer the Services in accordance with the details mentioned in the welcome email issued to you and the descriptions of the Services found on the Company’s website.

  1. FEES
  • Fees. When you make your purchase, the costs for the Services will be explained to you, and they’ll also be included in the email of confirmation (the “Fees”).
  • Early Termination Fee. The Company may impose an early termination fee on you if you end this Agreement before the end of any applicable Minimum Term in an amount equal to the Fees due for the number of full months still left in the Minimum Term at the time of termination.
  • Hosting Payments. The hosting account(s) associated with the Website must be kept in good standing. Payment for hosting services will not be postponed due to any delays in service delivery by the Company. The company may postpone or suspend the Services if your hosting account is past due until it is current. The Services could also be cancelled without a refund if hosting fees are not paid.
  • Automatic Renewals. You consent to let the company put your account on a regular payment schedule by purchasing the Services from the company. According to the initial purchase term length for the Services, the account will be automatically re-billed. If you don’t cancel, the Fees will be automatically re-billed up to fourteen (14) days before the due date for each Renewal Term. By giving the company notice over the phone, you are able to cancel the Services you purchased at any moment during the Term.
  • Refunds. The Fees for the Services are not refundable unless otherwise specified in this Agreement. If the Company terminates this Agreement, you will be entitled to a prorated refund of any fees already paid for the then-current Term, so long as the reason for termination is not a violation of this Agreement or the terms of service of the Company.
  • Changes to the Services. Any aspect of the Services may be modified, changed, or discontinued at any time by the company, but only after giving you advance notice of any substantial changes and the chance to opt out of them without incurring any fees.
  • Changes to the Agreement. This Agreement may be modified or changed at any time by the Company in its sole discretion. Any substantial changes to this Agreement will be posted on the Company website for at least thirty (30) days after posting, and the date these terms were last changed will be noted on this Agreement. This Agreement may be amended or modified at any time, and such amendments or modifications shall be deemed to have been made as of the date specified in the notice posted on this page, together with any options you may have to accept or reject such amendments where permitted by applicable law or as otherwise made available. If there is no specific effective date for the adjustments, using the Services following any such changes or modifications constitutes your acceptance of the Agreement as updated. You are not permitted to use or access the Services and your only recourse is to cancel your Services if you do not agree to be bound by this Agreement or any changes made to this Agreement.

2.6 Copyright Policy

The copyright infringement policy describes the measures by which Meowhoster will remove allegedly copyrighted material from its network, and the means available to Meowhoster Customers to object to and reverse said removal.

  • Take-down procedure. Upon proper notification, Meowhoster will remove materials from it’s network which are alleged to be in violation of copyright. Proper notification must include the following:
    • The name, address, and signature of the complaining party.
    • Clear description of infringing material(s) and their Internet location(s).
    • Sufficient information to identify the copyrighted works.
    • A statement by the owner that it has a good faith belief that there is no legal basis for the use of the materials complained of.
    • A statement of the accuracy of the notice and, under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on the behalf of the copyright owner.
  • Notification should be addressed to “Meowhoster Abuse Team”, and must be received by e-mail to abuse@com, or certified mail to Meowhoster office at A-702 Block A, 7th Floor, Kelana Square, No. 17 Jalan SS 7/26 Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Put-back procedure. Upon receipt of a proper notice of alleged copyright infringement, Meowhoster will remove the allegedly copyrighted materials from its network, and will notify the Customer who is alleged to have violated copyright. If the Customer deems the materials to have been wrongfully removed, Customer may submit a proper counter-notice, containing the following:
    • The customer’s name, address, phone number and signature.
    • Identification of the material and its location before removal.
    • A statement under penalty of perjury that the material was removed by mistake or misidentification.
    • Customer’s consent to local federal court jurisdiction, or if overseas, to an appropriate judicial body.
  • Counter-notice should be addressed to the “Meowhoster Abuse Team”, and must be received by e-mail abuse[at]admin@meowhoster.com , or certified mail to Meowhoster Hosting Sdn Bhd, A-701 Block A, 7th Floor, Kelana Square, No. 17 Jalan SS 7/26 Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

    Once Meowhoster has received a valid counter-notice, the party originally claiming copyright violation will be notified, and will have 14 days to bring suit to a district court over the matter. If a suit is brought, the claimant must provide notification of such to Meowhoster, in the same manner as the original notification of copyright violation. Failure to do so will be considered acknowledgement that no copyright violation has occurred, and the materials will be restored by Meowhoster.

2.7 Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy describes the information we collect from you, what we do with the information, and our information security practices. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us page form.

Information we collect

When you sign up for our service, we will ask you to provide contact information such as your name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and payment information such as credit card number and expiration date.

We may ask you to complete user surveys, and to provide certain demographic information, such as age, gender, special interests, etc. You do not have to provide this type of information to use our service if you do not want to.

If you contact us for customer support, we may also ask you for information about your operating system, software and other technical matters. When you visit our Web site we will capture your IP Address, time of and duration of visit, and time and duration of the pages on our Web site that you view. We may tie this information to the personally identifiable information we have about you.

We will also place a cookie that will identify you to us as a repeat visitor or a customer when you visit our Web site. See “What is a Cookie” below. We may tie this cookie to the personally identifiable information we have about you.

[If we send you an e-mail, we may include a marker that will allow us to identify if the e-mail has been opened and viewed.]

Use of personally identifiable information

We will use your personally identifiable information only as follows:

  • For payment purposes and to provide customer support.
  • To announce special offers or provide other information from time to time via e-mail. We may also send e-mails announcing special offers by third parties, but we will not provide the third parties with your e-mail address or other personally identifiable information. If you do not wish to receive these e-mails, you may opt out of future e-mails at any time by notifying us of your intention.
  • To improve our service and the marketing of our service. For example, we may use the information we gather from user surveys, demographic data, and web site visits to help us improve our web site and further customize your user experience on your visit.

We will not provide any personally identifiable information about you to any other person other than:

  • a law enforcement or regulatory agency at their request.
  • a person or company who acquires our business.
  • third parties who perform services on our behalf (such as payment processing), subject to the third party agreeing with us that it will keep your personally identifiable information confidential.
  • To our subsidiaries and affiliates, namely Meowhoster.

As otherwise needed to protect or enforce or rights or the rights of others.

We absolutely do not transfer or sell your information for inclusion on third party e-mail or other marketing lists.

Use of non-personally identifiable information

We may share aggregate statistical data about our customers with third parties, such as partners or vendors. This aggregate statistical data will not identify you personally.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is an alphanumeric identifier that is unique to your browser. The cookie will identify your browser to us when you visit our web site so that we may customize your visit.

Security of your information

We store your personally identifiable information and payment information in a secure client database.

Children’s privacy

Our service is not available to children under the age of 18, and we will not intentionally maintain information about anyone under the age of 18.

2.8 Support Policy

As highlighted on our home page, we offer nothing but quality shared hosting. We are very technical in what we do, you might even called us techno geek. We generally take care of any issue at first sight before it turns into problem for our customers. We work extremely hard for our clients, but we are not caught up in the 24/7 support craze to the extent that other hosting companies are, or at least pretend to be.

We are simply not like that. We have our work hours, and then time for family like you do. If you have an emergency, we are here for you 24×7. But most requests are not of an emergency nature anyway, and do not really need to be answered at 3:46 in the morning.

Nonetheless, our track record serves as a testimony for how good we are with support, our service quality and in the very unlikely event that you need to get in touch with us for support.

We maintain only a small staff for phone support during business hours. The majority of our highly skilled technicians work only on our ticketing system and respond within minutes to any support ticket opened during business hours, or any high priority ticket submitted outside business hours. We highly encourage you to submit your help request via our ticketing system first rather than trying to reach us over the phone. We can handle a dozen or more support tickets and information requests in the time it would take to handle one over the phone. Just make sure you provide as much information as possible on your request, and we will have your questions answered and problems solved in no time.

Methods of Requesting Support

We provide support via phone support for selected hosting packages during business hours and support tickets 24×7 for all hosting packages.

Support Schedule

Business Hours (9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday excluding Public Holidays)

During business hours you can contact us for support, or open a support ticket. You can expect to receive a timely response within an hour if not earlier.

Outside normal business hours, which includes the hours between 5pm and 9am, weekends and public holidays, we are still available to answer support requests submitted through our ticketing system. However, low and medium priority tickets may be deferred until the next business day. Emergency tickets marked high priority will be attended to promptly regardless of the day or time, provided a true emergency condition exists.

2.9 PDPA Policy

We respect your privacy. Your personal information is stored securely.

Meowhoster Company respects your privacy. This Privacy Policy sets out how Meowhoster collects, stores and processes Personal Information (as defined below) from individuals in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) and Malaysian law.

Please read this privacy policy to understand how we use the personal information we collect from you. By providing your Personal Information to us, you consent to this Privacy Policy and the collection, use, access, transfer, storage and processing of your Personal Information as described in this Privacy Policy. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post the revised version on this page. Your continued use of the Service constitutes your acceptance of such changes.

  1. Our Commitment to Our Customers

1.1.We appreciate your trust and are committed to protecting your personal information. We provide this Privacy Policy to help you make informed decisions and feel comfortable providing personal information when using Meowhoster’s websites, products and/or services. Information is collected and used by us.


2.1. Personal data is any information that relates directly or indirectly to you. This includes information that can be used to distinguish, identify or contact you. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, personal information includes sensitive personal information related to information about your health, political opinions, religious beliefs, etc. For the avoidance of doubt, please note that this Privacy Policy applies only if you are a natural person/individual .

  1. Personal Information We Collect

3.1. We need to collect relevant personal data in order to provide our services and work efficiently and effectively. The personal information we collect may include (but is not limited to):

  • Your name, date of birth, identification (including NRIC or passport number), gender, Sensitive information such as nationality, race, etc.
  • Contact information, including current home and/or business address, telephone or mobile phone number, fax number, e-mail address, postal address.
  • Payment information such as credit card information, including cardholder name, card number, billing address, expiration date and other bank account information.
  • Status of products and/or services you have purchased from us.
  • Use of products and/or services (e.g., websites you host and/or email you send or receive).
  • Records of tickets you open for helpdesk calls, LiveChat chats with agents, and/or service enhancements and improvements.

3.2. Generally, no personally identifiable information is disclosed when you browse the Internet, but certain technical and statistical information, such as cookies, IP addresses, date and time of visit, and duration of visit, are available through your Internet service provider.

3.2.1. Cookies

We collect information about the use of our website through cookies. A cookie is an electronic package of information that is stored on your computer and used by a website to track visitors and registered users, and is one method of uniquely tracking visitors for various purposes. Cookies themselves only identify the computer used to access the website and do not identify individual users. You are not obligated to accept cookies. If you’re concerned, you can change your browser settings to accept all her cookies, notify you when a cookie is set, or not receive any cookies at all. However, rejecting cookies may affect your use of our website and you may not be able to use all features of our website.


Meowhoster may also use “advertising cookies” to track visits to advertising campaigns. Pixel tags and cookies may be used on our his website to measure the effectiveness of our advertising activities. Please note that we use third party services to send you consent emails. These emails contain special tracking to help us provide more targeted marketing communications.

3.2.3. Links to Third Party Sites

Please note that this Privacy Policy applies only to Meowhoster’s website and does not apply to third party websites that may be accessed from our website. Please be sure to read their respective privacy policies to determine how they treat your personal information.

  1. How We Collect Personal Information

4.1. ) We may collect personal data directly from your authorized representatives or from publicly available sources:


  • If you subscribe to certain products and/or services on our website.
  • When you register an account on our website.
  • For participating in our survey.
  • When participating in any contest, or loyalty program operated/organized by us.
  • When you enter into a business relationship with us (such as a service provider/business partner).
  • When you visit our office.
  • When you access or browse our website.
  • When you make a complaint to us.
  • Send us your feedback.
  • When you interact with us through social media or interactive applications, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Apart from the personal information we receive directly from you (as described above), we may also receive personal information about you from third parties with whom we do business. We may also collect information from other sources where you have consented to the disclosure of personal information about you and/or where permitted by law.
  1. Use of Personal Data

5.1. By reading this Privacy Policy, you consent to our use of your personal data to the extent permitted by applicable law. We may collect and use your personal information for one or more of the following purposes:

  • For identity verification.
  • To evaluate and process your application/inquiry for our products and/or services.
  • To provide you with the products and/or services you have requested.
  • To manage and operate the products and/or services that we provide to you (including collection of fees, billing, facilitation of payments, and collection of debts).
  • To investigate and resolve service issues, billing issues, complaints or other inquiries submitted regarding our network, products, and services.
  • To assess and/or verify creditworthiness.
  • To detect and prevent fraud.
  • To carry out commercial transactions relating to the products and/or services offered and offered to you.
  • To establish and better manage our business relationship with you.
  • To monitor and improve the performance of our products and services, our customer service team, and our website.
  • To maintain and develop business systems and infrastructure, including testing and upgrading these systems.
  • Managing staff training and quality assurance.
  • To notify you about changes in the benefits and features of our products and/or services.
  • To produce de-identified or aggregated data, reports and statistics.
  • To analyse statistical data from our website and advertising analytics.
  • To conduct marketing activities (such as market research).
  • To investigate, respond to, or defend any claim against or relating to Meowhoster;
  • To maintain records necessary for security, billing, or other legal purposes.
  • For any other purpose required or permitted by any law, regulation, directive, and/or relevant regulatory body.

6.1. Meowhoster guarantees that it will not provide or sell your personal information to third parties and will keep all information confidential. However, we may need to disclose information about you to the following third parties:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Companies and/or organizations acting as our agents, contractors, service providers, and/or professional advisors.
  • Companies and/or organizations that assist us in processing and/or fulfilling transactions and providing products and/or services that you have requested or subscribed to.
  • Our vendors and/or strategic partners who provide products and/or services requiring disclosure of personal information.
  • Our business partners and other parties for purposes related to the purposes for which we collect and use your personal information.
  • Domain Name Registrars (including but not limited to ICANN and MYNIC).
  • Credit reference agencies or, in the event of default, debt collection agencies subject to the permitted laws applicable to us.
  • Any other party with which you have expressed or implied consent.

7.1. Where indicated (e.g. registration/application form), it is mandatory to provide personal data in order to process your application for our products and/or services. If you refuse to provide such mandatory personal information, we may not be able to process your application or provide our products and/or services to you.

  1. Options

8.1. We will assist you in accessing and correcting the personal information we hold about you.

If you would like access to the personal information we hold about you, or if you believe that the personal information we hold about you is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, irrelevant or out of date, Please send your request by email. You must provide your name, address, phone number/account number and briefly state the information you would like corrected.

We will use reasonable efforts to comply with your request to access or correct your personal information within 21 days of receipt of your request.

8.2. In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to deny access to your personal information. For example, if we are unable to verify your identity, if the requested information is of a confidential and commercial nature, or if we receive repeated requests for the same information. However, we will inform you of the reason why we cannot comply with your request.

8.3. We take reasonable steps to ensure that contracts with our dealers and/or strategic partners contain appropriate privacy and confidentiality promises. If you do not want your personal data to be used for marketing purposes, or if you change your mind about a previous decision, please contact us. The last written instructions from you to us will prevail.

8.4. By creating an account with Meowhoster, you are automatically subscribed to trade notifications, email newsletters and news about special promotions Meowhoster offers. To unsubscribe from our newsletters and commercials, please click the link in any promotional email we send you or contact support.

  1. Your Obligations

9.1. You provide us with accurate and complete information about yourself (or any other person whose personal information you provide to us) and that such personal information is It is your responsibility to email the correctness to us. This commitment is a condition of providing our products and/or services to you and/or other persons authorized or entitled to use the products and/or services by you or your organization/business.

9.2. If you need to provide us with personal data about a third party in order for the third party to contact us directly (for example, data about your spouse or children, or if you have appointed a person from an organizationor company), we need you to (i) obtain consent or otherwise authorize us to share your personal information with us for appropriate use; and (ii) visit our website https://meowhoster.com/

  1. How long do we keep personal data?

10.1. We will retain your personal information for the duration of your relationship with Meowhoster in accordance with this Policy and/or the terms of your contract with Meowhoster. We need to retain this information as it may be necessary to protect the interests of Meowhoster and/or our customers. Accordingly, we reserve the right to retain your personal information where required by law and/or relevant to Meowhoster policies.


This Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time and the updated version will apply and supersede all previous versions, including but not limited to brochures and printed versions. Please check our website for the latest practices.


If you have any questions, concerns or complaints regarding the Privacy Policy section, please contact us during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)